Your content represents who you are

Content Writing is an art

Website health can be equated with the health of your company/brand. People who are aware of this have turned content writing into a billion-dollar industry!

However, what a lot of them don’t understand is that content writing is an art. More specifically, it is the art of engaging readers through various strategies. Today, most of us are writers, thanks to email and social media.

But are we ‘arty’ enough to stay ahead in the competition?

Google has a limit of approximately 9-10 sites per Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) and it only shows the best results on the first page. It means the sites that are most relevant to your query will be shown first followed by the rest.

So, how exactly do you know if your site is relevant or not?

Enter SEO

SEO is a bunch of tactics and strategies that help your pages rank higher (Read more in our SEO and SEM services section). The content is the most important part of SEO. Crappy content will get you nowhere.

And that is why you need a content audit.

The importance of doing a content audit

A content audit scans all the URLs in your website for content health. Healthy content is that which has all the right tags, headings, high traffic, value, links, social media presence, and everything else that makes it popular and worth reading.

Content that has poor health needs to be changed, upgraded, re-written, or re-purposed, depending upon the value it adds to your website. Poor content can affect your online presence and even hamper digital marketing campaigns. While you are out there pouring hundreds of dollars on paid advertisements, tweaking your content is all it requires to achieve the desired results.

Engaging Content + Good Marketing = More Leads = Business Growth

78% of CMOs believe custom content is the future of marketing

Neil Patel

How we perform our content audit

We will scan your website for content quality, content length, use of keywords, SEO optimization, audio and video compatibility, website loading time, and many more factors that affect the online presence and brand image of you or your business.

Based on the scan results, we will create a content plan that suits your budget. The plan includes but is not limited to:

  • On-page SEO and Content Creation (written, video, and audio)
  • Content Positioning
  • Correct use of high quality keywords
  • Off-page SEO for more content engagement

Our writers will create appropriate content and place it on your website. However, the job is only 75% done. We will also create social media posts for the content that engages potential readers and clients across the globe.

With KAMP’s content audit service you won’t have to:

rack your brain over creating engaging content

We will do it for you for a nominal cost

settle down for half-baked content!

Our experts know exactly what engages readers

be concerned with creating a solid marketing plan

We will pair it up with E-books or White Papers to reach more people

run after multiple sources for content

We have built an all-in-one service to suit all your content needs!

What we provide

Content Scanning
Content Planning
Content Health Monitoring
24 SEO blogs
12 Technical Articles
Web Content Upgrade
12 Instagram posts
12 LinkedIn posts
12 posts in a social media of your choice