About us

Kraft My Page (KAMP) came into existence in 2020, right in the middle of a pandemic!

The timing could not have been better.

The goal was to establish a service dedicated to crafting quality content and marketing them through digital means in any situation.

And thousands of pages later, this is where we are!


Digital content is now one of the quickest ways to engage with people, scale a business, and build a brand.

The ubiquitousness of social media has further fueled the need for content that speaks, engages, and converts.

Kraft My Page, therefore, has one Mission:

To become one of the top content marketing agencies in the world and help businesses reach their highest potential.


Even though content is king, digital transformation and the popularity of software and tools are giving everyone the equal opportunity to succeed.

Our Vision is to build powerful AI-based content research, writing, and editing SaaS that can level the content and digital marketing playing field between small and large businesses.

The Founder

Shouvik Banerjee is a professional ghostwriter and SEO expert from India. In the last five years, he has curated and managed content for clients across India, US, UK, Australia, and Dubai.

He now works with a dedicated team of writers, editors, SEO, and digital marketing experts to provide quality content to clients.

He is the author of Seven Sundays (Hay House, 2019) and has also published fiction in various literary magazines like Kitaab, The Bombay Review, and Borderless Journal.

When he is not running KAMP, he can be found writing fiction and poetry at www.shouvikbanerjee.com